How to care for your tennley pieces to last you many seasons

Garment Care—

Wash in cool water, hand wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry. Do not hang dry knitwear, as gravity will distort the shape & stretch the garment.

Special notes for your knits—

Due to knit construction, small knots may appear on your garments. These are natural and unavoidable due to yarn needing to be tied off to continue to another spool. If one becomes visible, gently pull through to the reverse side of the garment, being very cautious to not disrupt the surrounding knit.

If there are loose ends of yarn showing, these may be from the linking stitch. This is common and a very natural occurrence for knitted garments. This is not a sign of unraveling. Simply tuck the strand back into a nearby seam, or tie it off.

Knits are naturally prone to snagging and should a snag occur on your garment, do not cut it off as it will cause unraveling. Instead, pull it through to the reverse side of the garment to hide it. Or, weave the snag into the existing knit strands with a tapestry (or finishing) needle taking extra caution to not disrupt the surrounding knit.

With proper care, your tennley pieces are designed to last you for many seasons to come.